You Can Trust Me With THAT

“You can trust me with┬áthat.” Emphasis on the word THAT when my husband said it. As in – – – I can trust him with my life – – – when I can’t decide for myself because of a potential health condition. Really? My health care proxy paperwork is needed by the cancer hospital because […]

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One In a Million

I’ve always known I was rare. I know my gifts and talents are precious treasures. My devotion and friendship are cherished by friends, of course not so by my husband, but that’s not the topic of today’s blog. I didn’t know, until my recent diagnosis, though, that I’m one in a million. Actually, 1.5 in […]

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Unexpected Gifts

Last weekend was profound for me. Two of my adult nieces were in town, and we’ve always been close. One is a brilliant literature academician, and I attended a small dinner party celebrating her marriage. My niece is a private, reserved, intellectual, and a deeply feeling, caring young woman. I was talking with her and […]

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