Balanced isn’t always equal, but it has a way of being which helps foster equilibrium. I haven’t written in 6-7 months! I continue to work on helping MYSELF be more healthy, and fine-tuning some health issues. The great thing is that the great universe has guided my husband to get into a better place. Now […]

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Lying is a form of betrayal. It betrays trust, and can devastate any relationship, yet, in marriage, the marital bond is permanently damaged from lying. Of course healing can happen, but it’s never the same level of trust between married or long-term spouses or partners, AFTER trust has been severely broken. Since we’ve been with […]

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Triggers Again

Well, back at “that” place. Not surprising, b/c DDay #2 happened in the middle of last July and right around that time, a mass (tumor) was found in my mediastinum (upper chest between heart and lungs). I thought I had cancer. It’s been a rough year.  Two. traumatic events “mixed together” again. In early spring, […]

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Stuck in Trauma? Get moving.

So. This was my part of my husband’s “daily check in” yesterday. Betrayers can get STUCK in a pattern of negative thinking, self-loathing, accomplish nothing for the day, etc. (This is what he told me.) So he said it’s important to just get up and move when that happens. Do something. Even if it’s only […]

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Floodgates Open

My husband doesn’t typically cry. In the past, he rarely showed emotion, except with me, sometimes he’d share his vulnerability (misty eyes). This past 1-2 weeks, though, he’s been crying during his daily check-in. Tears down his cheeks crying. No, he’s not depressed (I’ve seen him in mild-moderate and DEEP Major Depression). These are good […]

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Hypnotherapy and Healing

Healing from thoracic surgery, healing my Vagus nerve (partially paralyzed from surgery), healing from over 2 decades of betrayal. Healing. There’s nothing like nature to support healing. Lake Ontario sunset (my 50th Bday – a few years ago) My therapist took me on a journey again yesterday under hypnotherapy. I normally find myself in a […]

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Healing, Continued…

Restorative yoga has been recommended for me by a few professionals to help me heal from betrayal trauma and the trauma from my husband’s suicide attempt in early 2016. Now, Restorative Yoga is being recommended to help me heal from my recent thoracic surgery. I’m working on healing my whole self. Mind, body, spirit. Linked […]

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A Blueprint To Healing?

I saw my therapist yesterday. She’s more than a “talk therapist” – she employs somatic techniques, light touch (clothed) while entering the relaxed state of hypnosis, and she guides me on inner journeys while under hypnosis. She’s very experienced with trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, etc. At no point, do I feel out of control, like what […]

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Metaphor Amid Loss

Today there was a flood in my basement. I made a mistake; I was multi-tasking and I turned on the faucet in the laundry sink to soak something, and walked away. I got involved with something else and forgot to go back and turn off the water. The flood went through the floor onto my […]

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