Hypnotherapy and Healing

Healing from thoracic surgery, healing my Vagus nerve (partially paralyzed from surgery), healing from over 2 decades of betrayal. Healing. There’s nothing like nature to support healing. Lake Ontario sunset (my 50th Bday – a few years ago) My therapist took me on a journey again yesterday under hypnotherapy. I normally find myself in a […]

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Healing, Continued…

Restorative yoga has been recommended for me by a few professionals to help me heal from betrayal trauma and the trauma from my husband’s suicide attempt in early 2016. Now, Restorative Yoga is being recommended to help me heal from my recent thoracic surgery. I’m working on healing my whole self. Mind, body, spirit. Linked […]

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A Blueprint To Healing?

I saw my therapist yesterday. She’s more than a “talk therapist” – she employs somatic techniques, light touch (clothed) while entering the relaxed state of hypnosis, and she guides me on inner journeys while under hypnosis. She’s very experienced with trauma, PTSD, CPTSD, etc. At no point, do I feel out of control, like what […]

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Metaphor Amid Loss

Today there was a flood in my basement. I made a mistake; I was multi-tasking and I turned on the faucet in the laundry sink to soak something, and walked away. I got involved with something else and forgot to go back and turn off the water. The flood went through the floor onto my […]

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Sense of Purpose and Trauma

Humans need a sense of purpose, something to work towards, something which energizes us, something which helps us feel that we are contributing to a greater society, something which gives us meaning. This motivates us. Drives us. Lacking sense of purpose can lead us to boredom, anxiety, and depression. Having sense of purpose gives us […]

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No Voice

Sometimes we take things for granted, because we don’t think about them. We don’t think about how fortunate we are if we can walk – – – our legs aren’t paralyzed. It just seems like a “normal” task we can do. Seeing. Hearing. Same for talking or communicating. When we lose our voice, or ability […]

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You Can Trust Me With That

Turns out, I could trust him with that. After discovering years of spousal betrayal, I’ve found it’s challenging to trust a spouse with anything (was the dog really fed?) — much less making life or death decisions about my medical care or my life. Prior to my thoracic surgery in September, 2019, I updated some legal documents, including […]

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