The Universe nodded.      Winked, even? Divine timing? I’ve been looking for a yoga class where I’d hopefully feel safe with an open heart. Then ding, ding, ding – – – there’s a Slow Flow yoga class a few minutes from my new home, on a good day and time. I look up the […]

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Anniversary v. 24.1 x 2

It’s my 24th wedding anniversary today. I don’t celebrate the day, as it reminds me of broken vows. My husband celebrates it, though. That’s his choice. He’d respect my wishes if I asked him not to acknowledge the date, but I haven’t made that request of him. It’s also ‘sort of’ an anniversary of the […]

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Moving. And moving forward.

  Live your life. Keep moving. We don’t know how much quality time we’ll have in this lifetime. So. Keep moving. AND. I’m moving.  Literally. With boxes and such. Because. Life moves on. And we’ve built a home. In a village which is walkable and bike-friendly. Near water. No doubt that moving is a strong […]

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